Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) said
“Do not raise your children the way your parents raised you; they were born for a different time.”

The most innovative Quran app for iPhone & iPad. Quran Star is a new way to read, learn, and enjoy the Quran aimed at a new generation of Muslims. Dare we say, Quran Star is really … fun!

Earn 3 gold stars on every surah as you read, learn & memorize the final Juz' (section) of the Quran.  Be proud of your accomplishments, share status updates on social media, challenge your friends to read and memorize the Quran along with you! Quran Star also has a recording feature built into the app that allows a user to test their memorization of each surah. Send recordings to family members or even post them to Facebook. Quran Star also has awards as you complete different milestones in the app. Finally, our unique HuroofMeter counts the number of letters you read through each ayah. Can you read one million letters and earn one of Quran Stars toughest awards?

Quran Star currently features Surat Al-Fatiha and the final Juz’ 30 of the Quran (Surat An-Naba to Surat An-Nas), the most commonly memorized surahs.